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The Nathan Smoot Family

Bro. Nathan, Sister Deana,

Nathan Lee, Andrew, & Paul

March and April 2007


             We had a wonderful end to winter.  There was a little more snow, but not much.  This past March missed being the coldest on record by less than a tenth of a degree.  When Nate and a friend of his went to the Ice Classic to go down the slides at the end of the month it was about –40 deg.  Through out this winter I only got stranded up north in a blizzard twice, and the Lord, as always saw fit to protect me.

             March was also the month for Nate’s Birthday.  Thank you, those who thought to send him a birthday card and gift.  Your thoughtfulness was  very special to him.  For his birthday I took him and a friend to the Fairbanks International Ice Carving Championships where they could slide down some Ice Slides.  I even slid down a couple.

             April came with warmer weather and we started to see the snow disappear.  We did not get much snow this year, so it went pretty fast.  Lord willing that will mean less mosquitoes.

             The Circle ministry is going well.  We have been teaching a lesson from Creation to Christ.  This has prompted a lot of great questions and discussions.  My main question asker is Jennifer, she seems to be the one who is engaged most during the lessons.  She is also the one who seems to read her Bible during the week.  Please pray that she will continue to grow in the Lord, and also that she will be able to lead her mother, sisters, and brother to the Lord.

             I had a unique opportunity a couple of weeks ago.  Sam, whom we have asked prayer for before, asked me to pray for him that he would get victory over his addiction to alcohol.  Then he asked me if he could come back to town with me so that he could get help.  While he was in Fairbanks he came with me once to a Reformers Unanimous meeting at Bible Baptist Church in Fairbanks.  He understands that the Truth will make him free, but does not understand how to get the Truth.  Please pray that Sam will get saved and that he will trust Christ to make him free.  Sam may be the open door to start a RU chapter in Circle.

             One last request that we have is that you will pray for a girl named Jamie.  Her dad is at the Fairbanks rescue mission and her mother lives in Circle, but for some reason she is staying with a foster family in the village.  There is a great concern that she may hurt herself, and also that she is being abused.  This abuse is common among the girls in these villages.  I sometimes wish that we could take them all home with us, but we can’t.  We can pray for them though.  Please pray with us.





In His service,


The Nathan Smoot Family


We are Independent Fundamental, King James Bible believing soul winning old time Baptist Missionaries.

Sent from our local church that is the same.

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